We are sailing five 45-49-foot yachts. Each of them will have 8 persons aboard. Double cabins only.

If you are not a boater, you will probably be surprised how charmingly tiny everything inside the vessel is. But it will take you minutes to hours to understand that it is all you need. For while sailing you will spend most of the time outside – on the deck, in the water, on the isles. As you know, the finest definition of “luxury” is “convenience” and the interior design of these boats proves it best. But before stepping on the deck you should know a few things.

The shoes

In order to keep the boat clean, every sailor must have a second pair of shoes for when aboard or preferably walk barefooted. Needless to say – no high heels, ladies. First, they are strictly prohibited on board and second, they’ll be really hard to navigate on the steep, cobblestoned lanes of the Greek islands.

The bags

Since the space in the cabins is limited, hard suitcases are not a good idea, as they cannot be folded and put into the small build-in wardrobes. Do pack in travelling bags and sacks, okay? Doing laundry onboard is not part of the plan, so choose your clothes wisely and pick those made of fast dry materials.

The cabins

The double bed takes almost all of the cabin’s floor. And yet, it’s neither queen, nor king size. Nor is it the regular right-angled one you’re used to. The not so soft matrasses may disturb some of the sissies, but they provide all the comfort a seaman needs. What may bother you during the night though is the constant noise of the ropes and tackle hitting the masts, even on windless evenings; or the squeezing sound of the fenders, hard pressed between the boats at the marina. So, make sure to have a pair of nice ear plugs in your luggage. (If you take sleeping/other pills, be sure to use extra sun protection, for it may result in skin stains.) Unsurprisingly, the windows are also small. So, to keep your bedroom airy, have them open whenever possible – not in rainy days or when sailing in rough waters.



Remember the first time you’ve entered a plane toilet? Well, it’s pretty much the same. You will be able to brush teeth, shit, shave and shower nearly without changing position. The water tanks of the yacht are refilled at any marina, so the fresh water will be sufficient. Still it will be most kind of you to take care of the flow, so that no one runs soapy to the neighbors’ bath. Bonus: You’ll have the largest bath tab at your disposal; it’s just outside the bath – the legendary Aegean Sea. Once on board, your captain will give you precise instructions on how to use the WC. Not that it’s too complicated, it’s just a way different than the one you use at home or at a hotel. Shit happens when wet napkins get into the toilet for instance. So, make sure all your sanitary materials go into the dust bin provided.

The kitchen

Onboard you will find a fully equipped kitchen: a fridge, a cooler, a sink, gas hobs, an oven, cabinets. And the table in the mass room is big enough to gather all the crew plus a dear guest or two. There’s also a smaller table on the deck for early breakfasts & coffee under the morning sun. So, grocery shopping on the isles and cooking for the gang is not only possible, but highly recommended. Cozy taverns, cafes & bakeries will also be at hand. Due to safety reasons though, one cannot use the kitchen while sailing. What’s more, no stuff can be left atop of the table or shelves. You can prepare your Greek salad or musaka only at the marinas, well anchored.

The electricity

At any marina the boat batteries are fully charged, so that there will be enough power supply 24/7. Still it won’t hurt if you take your portable power bank with you.

Wi Fi & 4G

Please, do not expect an excellent connection on any of the islands!


After booking your trip and long before we sail off, each one of you will receive a luggage check list plus written down instructions on what to expect & how to behave when aboard.